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Automated Disinfectant/Cleaning Robot

Automated Disinfectant/Cleaning Robot


Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Head of the Department

Col Siddharth Malik, SM, Senior Instructor

Col Shajahan Majib, Senior Instructor

Shafayetul Islam ( 201814040), Level 3

Shoeb Ahmed Tanjim (20181439), Level 3

Project Overview

A robot moving on wheels is fitted with UVC tube lights. The robot also has a camera and an arm. Remotely operated by a laptop using wifi connectivity. The robot can move in a room, disinfect the room from CORONA VIRUS with the help of UVC tube lights, and can pick up suspicious items using robotic arms. The whole operation is done remotely and safely using the live feed.

Key Features

  1. Remote Control: The robot carrying the UVC light can be controlled remotely, hence minimizing the risk of infection. 
  2. Robotic Arms: Can be used to pick up infected/risky items. 
  3. Live feed: The robot also sends live feed that can be used to monitor the room. 
  4. UVC disinfection: The robot disinfects an area using ultraviolet light, hence minimizing the cost and hassle by not using disinfectant liquids.