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Automated Temperature Based Screening And Disinfectant Tunnel

Automated Temperature Based Screening And Disinfectant Tunnel


Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Head of the department

Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Professor

Raiyan Rahman, Lecturer

Muhaimin Bin Munir, Lecturer

and Students of CSE department

Project Overview
The project was designed to automate the process of temperature based incoming human traffic screening and disinfection process while entering any institution in this pandemic.

Key Features

1. Automated Screening: Screens the incoming human traffic based on body temperature and labels them as “Safe” or “unsafe” to enter by buzzer/audible sounds. 

2. Automated Disinfectant Tunnel: Once someone passes the screening test, they can move through the tunnel and enter. The sensors detect human movement and spray enough disinfectant to disinfect the person automatically. 

3. System Integration: Both of these systems will be integrated to provide complete automation of the current process.