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“CMH Digital Plasma Bank” Mobile Application

“CMH Digital Plasma Bank” Mobile Application


Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Head of the Department
Lt Col Muhammad Nazrul Islam, PhD, Instructor Class-A
Nafiz Imtiaz Khan (Level 4)
and students of CSE department 

Project Overview
A mobile application that connects plasma donors, CMH (or any hospital), and critical COVID-19 patients. The cloud database and simplistic UI makes searching for plasma donors instantaneous, easy, and intuitive.

Key Features

  1. Cloud Database: The app maintains a list of potential plasma donors who recently recovered from COVID-19 and can be of help to other critical COVID-19 patients. The vital informations of these personnel are stored including address, blood group, and recovery date. 
  2. Admin, donor, and staff Users: The app has various user roles to facilitate the function. Admins can see, check, enter and search the donor database. Donors can add their info and regular users can search this info in an efficient manner (by blood group, recovery date, etc) for a donor match. 
  3. Simplistic and intuitive UI/UX: The app contains a simple and easily navigable UI that can be used by most user demographics of Bangladesh.