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COVID-19 - Bangladesh Dashboard

COVID-19 - Bangladesh Dashboard


Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Head of the Department
Col Siddharth Malik, SM, Senior Instructor
Muhaimin Bin Munir, Lecturer

Project Overview 

  1. A website that gives insight to the COVID-19 situation in Bangladesh through the latest info presented in a detailed, graphical, and contextual format. The site also includes a COVID symptom checker tool and hospital, test center contact numbers along with their respective addresses. 
  2. Launched on 23rd March and was one of the first websites of it’s kind in Bangladesh. Later ICT ministry launched the official website in late April. 
  3. Over 10000+ views as of now. 
  4. Accessible online at

Key Features

  1. Contextual Data: Latest updates on the state of COVID-19 state in a graphical, contextual and analytical manner.
  2. Self-Test Tool: Users can take an online test that and self-diagnose their “probability” of being Covid-19 positive. This was developed based on the symptoms chart by WHO. 
  3. Emergency Contact info: The website also contains emergency contact info, hospital and test center numbers, test forms etc.
  4. Hospital and Test Center Addresses: Contains website and test center addresses with google map links to help out those in need.