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“Muktomon”, Virtual Therapy and Mental health App

“Muktomon”, Virtual Therapy and Mental health App


Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain, Head of the Department
Lt Col Muhammad Nazrul Islam, PhD, Instructor Class-A
and sudents of CSE department 
Project Overview 
A mobile application that offers mental health resources and online/virtual therapy for users. The app was targeted towards the mental health issues that may arise from this pandemic.

Key Features 

  1. Self-care: Anyone can have virtual therapy through voice and video.
  2. Chatbot: It can detect if any user has any mental health issue like stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression through textual conversation and after detecting, it can suggest therapy which can be found in the Self-care section. If the chat bot can detect, the situation is severe, then it will suggest to take help from doctor which can be found in our “Call for Doctor” section. 
  3. Call for Doctor: Some doctors are ready to give emergency services through video or audio calls. 
  4. Authentic Source of Information: Anyone can find real and authentic information so that there is no chance of being confused by fake news. These information can be of different types, such as, exact information of infected people around the world, different rates like infected rate, death rate etc., how to work from home to earn money or how to study from home, where to seek any help during this pandemic, which organizations are giving home services etc.