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Undergraduate Thesis Earns Best Paper Award at ICCIT for System Assisting Visually Impaired Individuals in Learning to Write Alphabets

Undergraduate Thesis Earns Best Paper Award at ICCIT for System Assisting Visually Impaired Individuals in Learning to Write Alphabets

A team of talented undergraduate students from the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Best Paper Award of Session 233 at the 25th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT). The award-winning paper, titled "Towards Developing a Voice-Over-Guided System for Visually Impaired People to Learn Writing the Alphabets," showcases their exceptional research in the field of assistive technology.

The paper addresses the existing challenges faced by visually impaired individuals in their educational journey, particularly in the realm of learning to write alphabets. It highlights the limitations of current assistive technologies, which heavily rely on haptic feedback and often necessitate the presence of sighted teachers or expensive tools. Furthermore, these systems are typically limited to teaching alphabets or strokes of a single language, leaving a research gap to be filled.

In their undergraduate thesis, the team of authors from MIST's CSE Department has developed an innovative voice-over-guided system that empowers visually impaired learners to acquire writing skills independently. The system guides learners through a voice-over from a computer, directing them to write alphabets on a graphics pad using a stylus. Notably, the system employs an image-processing technique to evaluate the accuracy of the written alphabets.

Throughout the learning process, the voice-over guide constantly monitors the learner's strokes. In case of any errors or deviations from the guided path, the system provides alerts and instructions accordingly. Additionally, the system offers valuable feedback on the learner's progress, informing them about the accuracy of specific alphabets and suggesting areas for improvement.

The recognition of this undergraduate thesis with the Best Paper Award at ICCIT highlights the exceptional caliber of the research conducted by the team from MIST's CSE Department. Their groundbreaking system has the potential to revolutionize the educational experience for visually impaired individuals, providing them with the means to develop crucial writing skills independently.

This outstanding achievement not only brings pride to the authors but also reflects the dedication and support of the academic institution in nurturing young talents and promoting impactful research. The MIST CSE Department's commitment to innovation and inclusivity is evident in the success of these undergraduate researchers, who have made a significant contribution to the field of assistive technology.

The team of authors hopes that their work will inspire further advancements in assistive technologies and create a more inclusive society for visually impaired individuals worldwide.