Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Lt Col Khondaker Sakil Ahmed, PhD, PEng, Engrs

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering (CE)


Room 711,7th Floor, General Mustafiz Tower, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.


Personal Site / Research page :



  • Post-Doctorate (Structure)

  National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, May 2013-May 2014

  Title: Structural analysis, design & optimum shape for 7-teeth rack & pinion for offshore jack-up rig

  Adviser: Associate Professor Ang Kok Keng, Professor Koh Chan Ghee

  • PhD in Civil Engineering

  National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore, March 2013

  Dissertation Title: Interface Mechanics of CNT and Nanorope Reinforced Composites

  Advisor: Associate Professor Ang Kok Keng

  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Bangladesh

  BSc in Civil Engineering (Major Structure)



  • NUS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (June 2013-June 2014)
  • NUS Graduate Research Scholarship (Jan, 2008-Dec, 2012)
  • Champion of Geotechnical Tower Modeling Competition at NUS (2011)
  • BUET Merit Award (2004-2006)
  • Bangladesh Government Board Scholarships (2002-2006)



  • Military Institute of Science & Technology, Department of Civil Engineering

             Associate Professor; May 2014- Continue

    • Project-1: Moving element method for railway track
    • Project-2: Impact Analysis of Aircraft Landing on Flexible Pavement using Abaqus
    • Project-3: Seismic vulnerability assessment for existing residential building in Dhaka
    • Project 4: Application of base isolation and damping against Earthquake
    • Project 5: Structural strengthening via retrofitting & jacketing
    • Project 6: Compressive bond behavior of stainless steel (ss) rebar in concrete
    • Project 7: Investigation of shear capacity steel fiber reinforced composites using Machine Learning
    • Project 8: CFRP and GFRP reinforced rubberized concrete
    • Project 9: ML technique for bearing capacity of Bolt Connection
    • Project 10: SS reinforced Bridge Pier
    • Project 101 Performance based seismic analysis of building structures


  • National University of Singapore (NUS)                                                                                  

Research Fellow, June 2013 – June 2014

    • Project-1 Title: Investigation of carbon nanotube in polymer using advanced computational techniques
    • Project-2 Title: Nano-indentation to determine mechanical properties of nanocomposites using advanced FEM


  • Singapore Amerine-NUS Joint Research Project

Research Engineer, February, 2013 – March 2014

  • Project Title: Structural analysis, design & optimum shape for 7-teeth rack & pinion for offshore jack-up rig


  • National University of Singapore (NUS)                                                                                 

PhD Research Scholar, January 2008–January 2012

  • Project Title: Interface mechanics of CNT and Nanorope reinforced polymer composites


  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh

Final Year Project, April 2006–May 2007

  • Project Title: Dynamic Behavior of Cable Stayed Bridge using Finite Element Method



  • Professional Engineer (PEng) by BPERB (01/308)
  • Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (M.ASCE)
  • Institute of Structural Engineers (M.SEI)
  • RAJUK Enlisted Engineer (DMINB/437)
  • Member of Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (MIEB)
  • Graduate Member of Institute of Civil Engineers (UK)
  • Accredited Resident Engineer, Singapore by IES (RE No: 2420)



  • Finite Element Analysis; Structural Analysis; Finite Element Modeling; Structural Dynamics
  • Mechanics of Materials; Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics; Nonlinear Analysis
  • FE Analysis; Solid Mechanics; Structural Stability; Fracture Mechanics; Polymerization; Dynamics
  • Computational Mechanics; Finite Element Method; Applied Mechanics; Carbon Nanotubes
  • Computational Structural Mechanics; Continuum Mechanics; Analytical Modeling
  • Computational Solid Mechanics; Computational Analysis; Polymer Composites
  • Computational Engineering; Smart Materials; Abaqus; Nanotubes; Analytical Mechanics



  • Associate Professor, Department of CE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Duration: May, 2014 – Present.
  • Project Manager & Engineer, UN MISSION at South Sudan, Banengr-18, (Jul 18-Jul 19)
  • Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, Jun, 13 – May 14, 
  • Senior Design Engineer, RJ Crocker Consultants, Jan, 2012 – Jun, 2013
  • PhD Research Scholar, National University of Singapore, Jan 2008 -Jan 2012
  • Assistant Engineer, Akankha Developers Ltd,   Jan 2007 – Dec 2007



  • Military Institute of Science & Technology, Department of Civil Engineering

Associate Professor; May 2014- Continue



CE 101: Engineering Mechanics

CE311: Analysis & Design of Structure I

CE411: Analysis & Design of Structure III

CE 317: Design of Concrete Structure

CE319:Design of Steel Structures

CE419: Finite Element Analysis (LIN)

CE6109: Analysis & Design of Building Against Hazards

CE 6101: Finite Element Analysis I

CE 6106: Structural Stability & Dynamics

CE 6105: Analysis and Design of Structures against Hazards

CE 211: Structural Mechanics Sessional I

CE 319:  Design of Steel Structure Sessional I

CE 410: Analysis and Design of Structure Sessional II



  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Teaching Assistant

  • Course Title: Structural Design & Materials (CE 2164)
  • Course Title: Engineering Mechanics (EG 1109)
  • Course Title: Computer Application in Civil Engineering; Micro station, AutoCAD & FORTRAN (CE 2409)



  • Training Conducted (LECTURER)
    • Training Course on “Professional Building & Bridge Design Using ETABS & SAP2000”, from 12 Dec 2014 to 9 Jan 2015 at MIST
    • Training Course on “Professional Building Design Using ETABS 2015”, from 12 July 1 to July 9 2015 at MIST
    • Lecture on Analysis & Design of Building Structure against Fire, 6th OCT 2015 at House Building Research Institute (HBRI)
    • Training Course on Structural Analysis & Design of Building Structures as per BNBC 2014 Guideline using ETABS 2015 for PWD on 22-25 Feb 2016, at Allenbari, Tejgaon, Dhaka.
    • Lecture on “Analysis and Design of Structure: Existing Guideline & Software application” at MIST on 9th March 2016
    • Lecture on “Analysis and Design of Structures against Fire” at ICE-FIESTA 2018 at KUET, Khulna, Bangladesh


  • Selected Training Attended 
  1. Training Course on Fundamentals of Earthquake Resistant Building Design, arranged by BUET-JIDPUS on 26-28 February, 2015.
  2. Training on software REVIT & ROBOT structure for Building Intelligence Model (BIM) organized by RJ Crocker Consultant Pte. Ltd in Singapore on August 2012
  3. Training program for Teaching Assistants in October 2009 organized by Faculty of Engineering of National University of Singapore.
  4. Training Program on Software ABS & DLA on hydrodynamics and fatigue analysis for offshore structure in 2010 organized by ABS Singapore
  5. Training program on ‘Understating safety, health and environmental issues’ in September 2009 organized by Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore.
  6. Training program on ‘Risk Assessment Application Training’ in October 2008 organized by Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore.
  7. Training on Field Surveying organized by Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in November 2004
  8. Workshop on Performance based Design of Structures at MIST on 18 Dec 2017
  9. Workshop on Analysis and Design of Box Girder Bridges  in 23-26 Dec 2017
  10. Training Program on Analysis and Design of Steel Bridges 14 Jan 2018.
  11. Training Program on Structural Vulnerability Assessment and Structural Health Monitoring by BUET-JIDPUS on 26 December 2015
  12. Attended “ Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) online Reviewers Conference 2018” at Institute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  13. Training Program on “ Short Course on Construction Management” 2018 at MIST, Mirpur, Dhaka
  14. Attended Seminar titles “IUT-ACF Seminar on Sustainability of Concrete” at IUT, Gazipur, Bangladesh
  15. Short Course on Retrofitting of Structures by Professor Raquib Ahsan of BUET at MIST, Mirpur Dhaka 18-20 March 2017
  16. Short Course on Advance Bridge Design by Dr Muntasir Billah, at MIST, Mirpur, Dhaka, 23-26 Sep 2016
  17. Attended IABSE-JSCE Conference on Advances in Bridge Engineering-III, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 20 -21, Aug 2015.




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  • Projects (Bangladesh)
  1. Proposed 9 storied office cum shopping center at kitchen Market, Mohakhali by DCC.
  2. Proposed 7 storied building at Abbas Garden, Mohakhali.
  3. Structural Analysis and Design Radisson Blue at Cox’s Bazar.
  4. Proposed Multipurpose Complex for SI & T at Jalalabad Cantt Sylhet.
  5. DCC Bridge on Washa Khal at Godiertek, Adabor for Dhaka North City Corporation.
  6. Proposed 2Basement + 16 Storey Academic Building (T3 and T4) for MIST at Mirpur Dhaka.
  7. Proposed four storied ware house for KUNG KENG garments Ltd at EPZ, Dhaka
  8. Proposed Swimming pool and other facilities for Army Golf Club Dhaka
  9. Structural Investigation for more than 50 residential building Mohakhali, Mirpur and Baridhara DOHS as part of approval for vertical extension
  10. Proposed 1 basement + 11 storey Shoping Complex at Mirpur DOHS
  11. Proposed 1 basement + 14 Storey Utility Building for MIST at Mirpur Cantt, Dhaka
  12. Analysis and Design of 2 Basement+ 16 Storey MIST combined Tower-3 and Tower-4 at Mirpur Cantt. 


Design Projects (Singapore)

  1. ER389 Enhancement of Braddell Road West Bound from CTE to Toa Payoh North Flyover, 

Land Transport Authority – Singapore

Analysis and Design of foundation, Road widening and strengthening, Pedestrian foot bridge 

  1. Five Storey mixed development with an attic and Car park basement at 28 Seah Street, Singapore

Analysis and design of pile foundation, Civil Defence Shelter, Car park basement.

  1. Proposed laboratory facilities at block N3.1, N4.1 and N1.1 at Nanyang Avenue.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) –Singapore

Analysis and design of superstructure, Foundation design

  1. Proposed Slope protection and repair between LWN Library and Sim-Tech Tower

Nanyang technological university (NTU)-Singapore

Slope protection by using Geosynthetics, Drainage system design and Ground improvement

  1. Proposed additions to the existing dormitory at 49d Holland Road, Singapore 

Fransican Missionaries of Mary-Singapore

Geotechnical foundation design

Design Check (Singapore)

  1. Proposed a/a involving the addition of Modified Tafmer (MF) plant and shipping facilities to existing plant in existing petrochemical complex at 701 Ayer Merbau Road Singapore 627853
  2. Proposed extension of single-user industrial development comprising of packaging building, substation/ccr building, process unit, dryer/ dewatering and tank farm area atTembusu Road / Tembusu Drive, Jurong island for Lanxess butyl Singapore Pte Ltd
  3. Proposed erection of butyl polymerization unit, halogenation unit, i-plant, finishing and packaging buildings including ancillary facilities for single-user industrial development for Lanxess butyl Singapore Pte Ltd
  4. Proposed erection of a 6-storey multiuser research & development building with a basement car park at Cleantech view / Cleantech Loop (western water catchment)
  5. Proposed addition and alteration to existing seraya petrochemicals complex with addition of a Dpc plant at 61 Seraya Avenue for shell Chemicals Seraya Pte Ltd
  6. Proposed extension, additions and alterations to existing 4-storey Woodlands Ring Primary School at 11, Woodlands Ring Road (Woodlands Planning Area)
  7. Proposed erection of a 3-storey 66/22 kv substation at 32 Woodlands Height (Woodlands Planning Area)
  8. Proposed additions and alterations to existing 3-storey Nanyang Community Club with addition of a 4th storey at 60 Jurong West Street 91
  9. Proposed additions and alterations to existing HDB 2-storey Commercial Facilities (Rivervale Plaza) at Rivervale Drive
  10. Proposed equipment access platforms to existing steam turbine building at existing Senoko Power Station at 31 Senoko Road