Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Osmany Hall Mess Management System Developed by Dept of CSE

Osmany Hall Mess Management System Developed by Dept of CSE


Chief Patron:

  1. Maj Gen Md Wahid-Uz-Zaman, ndc, aowc, psc, te

Commandant, MIST


  1. Prof Dr M Kaykobad
  2. Col Shahjahan Majib

Head Of the Department, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Brig Gen Mohammad Sajjad Hossain
  2. Lt Col Md Fazle Rabbi
  3. Lec Swapnil Biswas



A. H. M. Zobyer


Masrur Hasan Mahin


Ariful Islam Tarek



After the establishment of Osmany Hall all the accounts related to mess were maintained in black and white. In order to automate the mess system first software was introduced around 2008 but needed lots of optimizations. In 2019 the second version of this software was introduced by a group of students from CSE-16 under the supervision of Col. Mahboob Karim.Yet it had some limitations of features and needed a lot of constraints to apply to maintain the consistency of the system. In order to make the software more user friendly this new system is developed by collaborating with the previous developer team.

Description :

This is a desktop based mess management software developed for Osmany Hall, Military Institute of Science and Technology. This system is developed after analysing  user experience issues of the previous system where the system was less friendly for users and the system was rigid or static to its term. Thus for covering up such issues this new system is designed with more upgraded features and users. A number of relevant features such as Student Registration,Student Daily Mess bill, Daily Purchase Statement, Mess Bill Due/Advance, Daily Consumed Expense, Security Deposit Information  etc  are implemented in the current system. New user roles like Hall Provost, Hall Manager, Accountant are added based on the requirements of the users. Furthermore record keeping and bill generation is done with more efficiency and accuracy. Thus the new software is a powerful replacement of the previous one with a professional outlook.


Fig 1: Login Form

Fig 2: Dashboard of Mess Manager


Fig 3: Meal sheet


Fig 4: Monthly Bill Generation


Fig 5: Student Registration



  1. Student Registration: Mess manager can add or update the information of the residents of osmany hall.
  2. Purchased Item Information: The responsible user can add or update information of the purchased item with its price and quantity.
  3. Daily Meal Statement: Mess manager can create a meal sheet for each student and each student's daily meal is tracked for accurate billing.
  4. Daily Consumed Item Information: Mess manager can add or update the information of daily consumed items with it’s price ,quantity and memo references.
  5. Group Students based on Consumed Meals: If multiple items are cooked in a single day this system facilitates the user to divide the students according to their consumed meal so that they will only get the bill for the consumed meals.
  6. Generation and Notification Of Monthly Bill: After permission of higher authority ,the accountant can produce bills for every student of that month. Generated bills will be notified to all students via email.
  7. Successful Payment Notification: As soon as payment of a  student is received in the system, it will send email to the respective student. 
  8. Flexible/Privileged Usage of the System: It is a three tier user system where if any change is needed higher privileged users can grant lower users access.


Tools & Technologies: 

IDE: Netbeans 8.2

Language: Java

Database: SQLite


 Future Works:

The whole Osmany Hall management can be added in this system. In that case migrating the previous data will be a big deal as it is not organised properly. Proper support from authority will be helpful to solve the challenges easily.


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