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Educational Background

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Year: December 2016

Institute: Military Institute of Science and Technology

Title of the dissertation: Resistance Calculation with Hull Shape Optimization of Water-Jet Propelled Naval Vessel (OPV) using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Stability Check with Physical Model

Professional Courses:

Short Course on Ship Design Software – Maxsurf

Industrial Training – Western Marine Ltd, Chittagong; BN Dockyard, Chittagong; Chittagong Dry Dock Limited (CDDL);


Courses Taught:

Theory Courses:

NAME 465: Navigation and Maritime Safety

NAME 489: Introduction to Offshore Structures

Sessional Courses: 

NAME 115: Computer Programming Sessional

NAME 202: Mechanics of Structure Sessional

NAME 206: Shipbuilding Materials Sessional

NAME 214: Fluid Mechanics Sessional

NAME 226: Computer Aided Design

NAME 300: Ship Design Project and Presentation

NAME 302: Ship Structure Sessional

NAME 364: Numrical Methods Sessional

NAME 430: Application of Computer Programming in Ship Design Sessional

NAME 460: Marine Engineering Sessional II


Additional Appointment:

  1. Assistant Officer in Charge – Ship Structure and Model Fabrication Lab
  2. Assistant Course Coordinator (Adviser)


  1. MIST Dean’s List 2015





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