Employee Details

Commodore M Munir Hassan, (E), BN (Retd.)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


PhD, ongoing under ME dept of MIST.

MSc, 2003, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.

BSc Engg. 1986, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.


  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Hydrostatics & Stability/ Ship Design
  • Marine Engineering


Professional Experience and Appointment/Duty

  • Jul 2019 – Present: Appointed as Professor, NAME Dept, MIST
  • Jan 2019 – Jun 2019: Appointed as Ag Commandant, MIST
  • Feb 2017 – Jun 2019: Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Jan 2013 – May 2019: Senior Instructor and Head, NAME dept
  • Aug 2008 – Dec 2012: Appointed in MIST as Instructor Class-A( Associate Professor)/ SI(Professor) &Head ME dept/ SI(Professor)
  • Jul 2007 – Jul 2008 : Appointed in Ivory Coast as UN Observer
  • Jun 2005 – Jun 2007: Appointed in MIST as Instructor Class-A( Associate Professor)
  • Nov 2003- May 2005:  Appointed in BN Ship as Staff Officer (E) for Operational Sea Training Group/ Engineer officer of Frigate
  • Oct 2001- Oct 2003:  Appointed in BUET for M Sc Engineering
  • May 2001- Sep 2001:  Appointed in BNS Shahid Moazzam as Instructor/OIC Engineering School.
  • Apr 1999- Apr 2001:  Appointed as  Engineer officer TISTA & Squadron Engineer 31 PCS/ Senior Engineer officer of Frigate
  • Apr 1997- 1999: Appointed as Staff Officer for Renovation of BNS TISTA & AGRODOOT
  • Oct 1995-Feb 1997: Appointed in INS Shivaji, INDIA as  Additional for Training for Marine Engineering Specialization Course
  • May 1991- Oct 1995: Appointed in Frigate/small ships/Dockyard of Bangladesh Navy. as Senior Engineer officer/ Engineer officer /OIC BN Slip Way/OIC Fridge Shop
  • May 89 -April 91: Appointed to BNS SHAHID MOAZZAM as Instructor Engineering School,/Motor Transport Officer
  • 1987- 1989: Appointed in different ships/establishment of Bangladesh Navy. as Additional  for training/Watch Keeping Officer/Senior Engineer officer.


  1. MARTEC 2004, Enhancing Developing Countries Competitiveness in the Marine Industry. Hyatt Regency, Johor Bahru, 7-8 September 2004: ‘MOTION SIMULATION OF A SURVILLANCE VESSEL IN AN IRREGULAR SEA’ Rafiqul Islam1,  Md Munir Hassan2 & Md Sadiqul Baree1.
  2. Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, December 2005 (http//jname.8m.net): ‘MOTION SIMULATION OF A FINE SHAPED VESSEL AT HIRON POINT OF THE BAY OF BENGAL’, M. Rafiqul Islam1,  Md Munir Hassan2& Md Sadiqul Baree3.
  3. 2ndInternational Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information & Communication Technology (iCEEiCT 2015), 21-23 May 2015: Paper ID 268. Design and Evaluation of an Elliptical Patch Textile Antenna for RFID Application and Bending Consequences. Shahriar Hasan Shehab1, Shahreen Hassan2, Md ashif Islam Oni3, Shuvashis Dey4 & Md Munir Hassan5.
  4. 1st  International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Applied Science (ICMEAS- 2017) 21-23 May 2015: Paper ID 268. ‘Effect of Analysis Parameters on Non-Linear Implicit Finite Element Analysis of Marine Corroded Plate’. Md Rabiul Islam,PhD1 , Md Sakib-Ul-Alam1 , Kazi Karima Nazat1, and Cdre M Munir Hassan1
  5. MIST Journal of Science and Technology, Volume – 7, Issue – 1, August 2019: ‘THE NULL EFFECT OF CROSS SECTIONS OTHER THAN THE MAXIMUM PITTED CROSS SECTION ON STRENGTH REDUCTION OF AGED MARINE PLATES SUBJECTED TO UNIAXIAL TENSILE LOADING’. Commodore M Munir Hassan (Retd)(1), Tasmia Hoque(2) and Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Rabiul Islam, PhD(3)

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