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Academic Qualifications

Degree: PhD (Thesis ongoing)

Institute: BUET

Title of the dissertation: Mechanical Behavior of Solder Affected Copper Bulk Subjected to Work Hardening and Thermal Treatment

Degree: M. Sc Engineering (Mechanical)

Institute: BUET

Title of the dissertation: Analysis of a Guided Deep Beam of Composite Materials

Degree: Master in Business Administration (Finance)

Institute: NUB

Title of the dissertation: Study on Determinants of Working Capital Management of   Domestic Private Banks in Bangladesh

Degree: Master in Defense Studies

Institute: NU

Title of the dissertation: Challenges and Prospects of Energy Security in Bangladesh

Degree: B Sc Engineering (Naval Arch & Marine Engg)

Institute: BUET

Title of the dissertation: Study on the Slipway Design for End-Lunching of Vessels in Bangladesh Perspective 


Professional Courses

Degree: Marine Engineering Specialization (Post Graduation Diploma), 1999

Institute: Centre for Marine Engineering & Technology, Lonavla, India


Degree: Marine Propulsion Control Technology (Post Graduation Diploma), 1998

Institute: Institute of Armament Technology, Pune, India


Degree: Marine Gearbox Maintenance & Overhauling, 1997

Institute: ZF Train Centre, Fredishefen, Germany


Degree: Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance and Overhauling, 1996

Institute: Paxman Centre, Colchester, UK


  • Received Chancellor’s Gold Medal for CGPA 4.0 (out of 4.0) in MBA with Major in Finance.
  • Received “Shri Baddri Prasad Shrivastava” trophy for standing first in Marine Propulsion Control Technology Course (MPCTC) in India.



  • Marine Engineering-II for final level undergraduate students
  • Industrial Management for final level undergraduate students
  • Ship Economics and Management for final level undergraduate students


Professional Experience


Current Appointment

Senior Instructor (Mechanical) and Head of the Department,

Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering,

Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST), Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Past Academic Experiences: 

  1. Instructor, Operational Sea Training Guide, BN Flotilla.
  2. Instructor, Engineering Training School, BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM.


Past Appointments

  • General Manager, Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd, Narayanganj
  • Deputy General Manager, Khulna Shipyard Ltd, Khulna
  • Engineer Officer, BNS UMAR FAROOQ, Chittagong
  • Engineer Officer, BNS ABUBAKR, Chittagong
  • Engineer Officer, BNS OSMAN, Chittagong
  • Deputy Director, Dte of Naval Engineering, NHQ, Dhaka
  • Staff Officer, Dte of Naval Engineering, NHQ, Dhaka
  • Staff Officer, Operational Sea Training Guide, Chittagong
  • Instructor, BNS SHAHEED MOAZZAM, Kaptai, Chittagong
  • Engineer Officer and project officer for renovation of BNS ANIBAN, Khulna
  • Engineer Officer, BNS SHAHEED RUHUL AMIN, Chittagong
  • Senior Engineer Officer, BNS ALI HAIDER, Chittagong
  • Engineer Officer, BNS NIRBHOY, Chittagong
  • Assistant Engineer (Naval Architect), Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation


Shipbuilding Experience

Vessel Owner Type Number Building Yard
BIWTC Ro-Ro Ferry 02 at DEW
BIWTC K-Type Ferry 01 at KSY
Navy Harbour Tug 01 at DEW
Navy Patrol Craft 05 at KSY
Navy LCU 01 at KSY
Coast Guard Fast Patrol Boat 02 at DEW
Fire Service Fire Fighting Boat 03 (01 + 02) at DEW + KSY
Private Shipping Co Oil Tanker 03 at KSY
Private Shipping Co Cargo Vessel 02 at KSY
Navy Welfare Container vessel 02 at KSY
Navy Dredger 01 at DEW
Navy Work boat 01 at DEW
Coast Guard IPV/FPB 04 at DEW (Partially involved)


Selected Publication

  1. Muzibur Rahman and S. Reaz Ahmed, “Toward the Exact Elasticity Solution of a Deep Beam with Guided ends”, Proceedings of the 4th BSME-ASME International Conference on Thermal Engineering, 2008, pp. 889-894.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, “An Outlook on Development of Shipbuilding in Bangladesh”, MIST Seminar, 2016.


  1. Muzibur Rahman. “An Appraisal of Shipbuilding Prospects in Bangladesh”, Procedia Engineering 194 (2017) 224 – 231, doi.org/10.1016/j.proeng.2017.08.139.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, and S. Reaz Ahmad. “Displacement Potential Solution of a Guided Deep Beam of Composite Materials Under Symmetric Three-Point Bending”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1919, 020001 (2017); doi.org/10.1063/1.5018519.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, Rajia Sultana Kamol, and Reyana Islam, “Structural Analysis of a Ship on Global Aspect Using ANSYS”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1919, 020008 (2017); doi.org/10.1063/1.5018526.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, A. H. Yusuf Mridha, and Kazi Sakib Ahsan, “Selection of Propulsive Machinery for Repowering of an Old Patrol Craft – A Case Study”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1919, 020027 (2017); doi.org/10.1063/1.5018545.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, Faysal Khan, M. S. Kaiser, and S. Reaz Ahmed, “Effect of Thermal Ageing on Mechanical Behavior of Synthetic and Natural Rubber Dominated Short Flat Bars”, AIP Conference Proceedings 1980, 030021 (2018); doi: 10.1063/1.5044300.


  1. Muzibur Rahman, M. Abu Sufian, R. Al Shahid, M. S. Kaiser, and S. Reaz Ahmed, “Effect of hot and cold rolling on electromechanical properties of a commercial high conductive metallic material”, The 11th International Conference on Marine Technology MARTEC 2018 held on 13-15 Aug 2018 in Malaysia and published by UTM.


  1. Nafisha Nubayaatt Haq, M Muzibur Rahman and M Munir Hassan, “Development of suitable design for fishery research vessel for the contribution to the blue economy of Bangladesh”, The 11th International Conference on Marine Technology MARTEC 2018 held on 13-15 Aug 2018 in Malaysia and published by UTM.


10. Muzibur Rahman, M. S. Kaiser, and S. Reaz Ahmed, “Effect of thermal ageing on the tensile properties of hot              and cold rolled commercial high conductive metal and its alloy”, The 8th BSME. International Conference on Thermal Engineering held on 19-21 Dec 2018 and published by American Institute of Physics (AIP). AIP Conference Proceedings 2121, 140004 (2019);  https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5115955

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