Employee Details

Tasmia Hoque

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Institute: Military Institute of Science & technology

Department: NAME (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)

Passing Year: 2018

Title of dissertation: The Null Effect of Cross Sections Other Than the Heavily Pitting on Strength Reduction of Pitted Marine Plates Subjected to Uniaxial Tensile Loading

Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.)

College: Ideal School and College, Motijheel

Group: Science

Result   : GPA 5.00 out of 5.00

Board   : Dhaka.

Passing Year: 2014

Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.)

School: Siddheswari Girls’ High School

Group: Science

Result: GPA 5.00 out of 5.00

Board: Dhaka

Passing Year: 2012

Professional Courses

  • Participated in short course on ship designing software “MAXSURF”, 2016.
  • Participated in industrial training for two weeks at Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd., Narayanganj & Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology (BIMT).
  • Participated in industrial training for one week at Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. (ASSL) Ltd.
  • Participated in industrial training for three days at Radiant Shipyard Ltd.


Academic Experience: Working as lecturer at NAME department of MIST (January 2019- Present)


  1. Was awarded with “MIST MEDAL” for obtaining the First position within the department in undergraduate programme . (17th Graduation ceremony of MIST, 2018)
  2. Was awarded with MIST Dean’s List of Honour for outstanding performance in undergraduate programme. (17th Graduation ceremony of MIST, 2018)


  1. Finite Element Analysis
  2. Ship structure and shipbuilding
  3. Resistance and Propulsion
  4. Offshore Structures
  5. Effects of pitting corrosion on marine structure


  1. MIST Journal of Science and Technology, Volume – 7, Issue – 1, August 2019: ‘THE NULL EFFECT OF CROSS SECTIONS OTHER THAN THE MAXIMUM PITTED CROSS SECTION ON STRENGTH REDUCTION OF AGED MARINE PLATES SUBJECTED TO UNIAXIAL TENSILE LOADING’. Commodore M Munir Hassan (Retd)(1), Tasmia Hoque(2) and Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Rabiul Islam, PhD(3)

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