Laboratory Facilities


This department endeavors to provide its faculty members and students adequate laboratory, library and other facilities, departmental undergraduate courses are laboratory intensive and these requirements are catered for by following laboratories:


  • Computer Aided Ship Design Lab
  • Ships Structure and Fabrication Lab
  • Marine Machinery Lab
  • Ship Instrument Lab
  • Damage Control Fire Fighting and Life Saving Lab
  • Ship Propulsion Lab
  • Ship Resistance Lab
  • Machine Tools Lab
  • Model Fabrications Lab
  • Towing tank stability Lab
  • Marine Transportation Lab
  • Hydrodynamics Lab
  • Auxiliary Machinery Lab


Students in Level – 1 (fresher) and Level – 2 (sophomore) have to undertake laboratory courses (sessionals) in Physics, Chemistry, Workshop, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering too. If necessary undergraduate students can have the access to the facilities of other departments and centers during their project, thesis and research works.

Last updated on Monday, February 15, 2016

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