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3rd Meeting of the INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY PANEL (IAP) Was Held on 22 June 2022 by CSE Department

3rd Meeting of the INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY PANEL (IAP) Was Held on  22 June 2022 by CSE Department


3rd  INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY PANEL (IAP) Meeting of CSE Dept Was Held on

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022


The 3rd meeting of the INDUSTRIAL ADVISORY PANEL COMMITTEE was held on Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 at the Central Conference Room of MIST. The session was arranged by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

Given how quickly technology is advancing in many industries, there are several job prospects in this field. With the rise in employment opportunities in the IT sector, MIST is committed to developing professionals in the field and academics who are qualified to take part in this area. The discussion was meant to exchange opinions and ideas about how local IT companies are utilizing CSE students in their workforces and how MIST, as an academic institution, may support the sector by training its students appropriately.

Brig Gen A K M Nazrul Islam, Dean, Faculty of ECE and Head, Dept of EECE and Brig Gen Md Abdur Razzak, SUP, psc, Head of the Department, CSE, MIST along with senior faculty members of CSE dept were present in the meeting. 

The session was attended by over 20 Professors, Faculty Members, Managing Directors, Chief Operation Officer, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, and other representatives from 10 different organizations

Lt Col Nazrul Islam, PhD and Lt Col Kazi Israt Zahan, psc, Sigs. served as the event moderator.  A presentation on CSE academic activities, undergraduate syllabus overview and CSE departmental achievements were given at the start of the session by Lecturer Raiyan Rahman of CSE dept. 

The discussion session was conducted centering around topics namely the current syllabus of the CSE Department, engagement of students in the industrial training, existing projects/efforts taken focusing on industries, prospective potential syllabus contents for the students to develop their industry knowledge, and scopes and possible ways of collaboration between local IT  industries and  MIST to develop skills and knowledge of the undergraduate students.

The distinguished guests shared their valuable opinions, suggestions, and guidance regarding the challenges that come with jobs in the industry, the current state and lackings of knowledge of freshers of the local industries at national levels, and ways of strengthening industry-academia collaboration for developing skilled, capable, and proficient workforce in Bangladesh.

The discussion session was concluded on a high note with the expectation that the academia and the industry can come together in constructive ways to develop the knowledge of students at the business and industry level and skills of undergraduate students to increase the opportunities after graduation.