Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) offers you a technology-enriched learning environment with professors who know you by name, access to hands-on learning and work experiences through co-opt, internships and research opportunities and small class sizes on a green campus that is alive with activity in the main and extended campus at Mirpur (MIST), Bhatiary (BMA), Jessore (BAFA) and Potenga (BNA).

Our Present Offers:

•    B.Sc in Civil Engineering
•    B.Sc in Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering
•    B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering
•    B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
•    B.Sc in Civil, Environment, Water and Coastal Engineering
•    B.Sc in Architecture
•    B.Sc in Nuclear  Engineering
•    B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering
•    B.Sc in Petroleum & Mining Engineering
•    B.Sc in Industrial Production Engineering

Who Can Apply?

Bangladeshi Citizens

•    Follow the current admission circular on MIST notice section.

International Applicants

•    If you are not a Bangladeshi citizen or permanent resident.
•    If you are a Bangladeshi citizen and are currently studying or have studied outside of Bangladesh.


Visit admission.mist.ac.bd